New Hampshire to Legalise Online Gambling?

New Hampshire Lagging Behind…

As of December 2013, gamers in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are legally allowed play in online casinos. However, the rest of the US is still prevented from doing by law. To summarise, federal legislation from 1961 is still legally preventing the entire country from joining in.

How the Law Works…

The reason why online gambling is now permitted in the three hallowed states above, is because individual states are allowed to alter their own laws to legalise online gambling, provided that players cannot interact across state lines. For instance, if you are playing with a mobile casino in Nevada, you are only allowed to do so when you are situated in that state and with an operator based in that state.

Discussion Begins in New Hampshire

New Hampshire politicians have witnessed the gambling progress of their neighbours and are now worried about falling behind. In response, there is to be a meeting of representatives from the State House on Friday 6 December to discuss the future potential of gambling in the state.

Public Approves of Gambling in New Hampshire

To get a clearer idea of how the people in the state feel about gambling, the University of New Hampshire undertook a survey. Of all the respondents that participated, 59 per cent indicated they were in favour of the expansion of gambling in New Hampshire.

Upcoming Developments

To clarify the current situation, any expansion of gambling in New Hampshire is still far off in the future. The politicians still need to discus the plans at length and draft the required amendments to alter state law.

What to Expect

In terms of what to expect, the upcoming political discussion will touch upon the prospect of a land-based casino. To give you an idea of scale, the name Las Vegas was used as inspiration for the possible casino. Stick with World Mobile Casino and we will update you on the latest developments.

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