Online Gambling Launches in New Jersey

14 Online Gambling Sites from Launch…

As of this week, the people of New Jersey will be legally permitted to wager on online gambling. From launch, gamers will have the choice of playing at 14 different sites. This move is a major milestone for online gambling in the US, with the nation long resisting the industry and outlawing many sites in the mid-2000s.

NJ Catches Up with Nevada and Delaware

New Jersey has been a little behind in the race to launch online gambling, with Nevada and Delaware between the Garden State to the punch. But while these three states have legalised online gambling, the activity still remains illegal in the rest of the US. The reason for this illegality is because legislation from 1961 (Wire Act) prevents gambling from crossing state lines.

How the System Works

Delaware,  Nevada and New Jersey are all legally allowed to host gambling sites because they are not permitting the activity to cross state lines. Only people situated within each of those states can avail of the services provided. Anybody accessing the sites from outside the state of origin will be in breach of the law and will be prosecuted in court.

National Restrictions

At present, operators in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey are making the best of a restricted situation. It is their eventual hope that the government will be compelled to intervene and open the industry up on the national level. However, in order for that to occur, federal laws will have to be drafted and ratified, which will take a considerable amount of time.

Illegal Sites Continue to Target US

Throughout the entire period of restriction for online gambling, some operators have continued to provide services illegally from offshore jurisdictions. Users then access the sites via proxy servers to mask their actual location. Operators pursuing this strategy will likely be forsaking the potential of operating legally in the US, as they have persisted in their disobedience with federal law.

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