World Casino News in November

Australian Bikers Want to Buy Cambodian Casino…

Starting with the most bizarre story of our round-up, Australian bikers have designs on purchasing a Cambodian casino. The reason why the want to make the purchase is simple: to launder their illicit earnings. In an effort to try and pave the way for their Cambodian expansion, the gang in question, the Rebels, has already acquired bars in Phnom Penh.

At present, the Rebels have been pushed out of The Star casino in Sydney after 141 members were banned by Andrew Scipione of the New South Wales Police. The police commissioner took the drastic action after efforts of the biker extort The Star.

India to Open Five-Star Casino in 2014

The next piece of casino news is that a world-class casino will be opening close to Mumbai in 2014. This is a monumental step because this the first land-based casino that the Delta Corporation will own in India. Currently, the corporation has three casinos floating close to the coast of Goa.

A luxury resort will be launched to complement the casino, with a lavish hotel boasting 187 rooms to be opened to tourists. Once the India casino is up and running, the Delta Corporation will next turn their attention to Sir Lanka as they seek to expand their empire.

Legalisation of Japan Casinos

There is positive news for the possibility of casinos being legalised in Japan, with a drafted bill set to be presented to parliament. However, there is a slight hitch in the plans, with the bill not expect to be voted on before the Japanese parliament closes its doors on 6 December.

Despite being waylaid until the year, things look positive for the bill. For starters, the coalition ruling party in Japan is largely in favour of its approval, but not before key individuals have had a chance to review it entirely and come to an overall agreement.

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