The very first type of bonus you will encounter when you begin your online casino experience will be a no deposit bonus.  These are offered at many online casinos and you can claim them the moment you create your account.  You do not even need to enter any banking details; simply enter your username, password, email and address and you will instantly receive your bonus.

Test Run with a No Deposit Bonus

The main purpose of a no deposit bonus is to give the player a chance to test out a site before they have to commit by depositing money.  Many quality casinos offer this sort of bonus, knowing that the player will enjoy their time on the site and will be likely to stay and deposit money.

Beware of Wagering Requirements

When claiming these bonuses, you must remember that the funds you receive are bonus funds as opposed to real cash. This means that the credit in your account is not refundable until you have met a predefined wagering requirement.  The fact is, the no deposit bonus is designed to allow players to try out the site without having to part with their own cash, rather than offering players a way to win money for free.